Học tiếng Anh tại Philippines

Hi darlings,

Every new day is another chance to change your life. And studying in JIC is my lucid decision. Life isn’t about waiting for the good luck to do something; it’s about taking a chance to colour our life. I haven’t ever thought I’ll go to Cebu, Philippines where is famous for attractive beauty. It is a breath of fresh air. In here, I experienced various of, studied English through interesting ways.

My time table was full from 7:00 a:m to 6:00 p:m. I chose conversation class with Mr. Michel. He is Canadian who works discipline.

The second class was composition with Miss. Zia.
She is a zumba teacher too. I was really interested when I saw and followed her every Monday and Wednesday afternoon.

The third class was public speaking with Mr. Sai. He is very young but he can speak English, Cebuano, Korean, Japanese and now he is learning Vietnamese. My special class was speech with Miss. Julia. This time was so funny but I was often absent in her class. ^^

Specially, It was Man to man class. Fisrtly, Miss. Narvy, she is very crazy who I can’t forget because of our happy memories. My friend said that we are two peas in a pod.

Secondly, Miss. Elmie, she is a strong girl and good at singing. I admired her a lot.

Miss Chery, she is a beautiful girl who likes small eyes (my eyes are small^^). I learned a lot of things from her despite for a short time.

Miss Lordy, she is a good teacher and be always patient with me. I regard her as my friend. I miss her.

Miss Jean, she is a gentle girl. Although she is very young, she is mature than her age. We had the happy moment together.

In Cebu, I met a lot of friends. They are Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Filipino. Everyone is like a book. They lead me from this surprises to other interesting things. Every country has different cultures, so I always feel curious to find out about them more. Some friend that as soon as I met them, we got on like a house on fire. They always lend me a hand when I need help. My teacher said that it’s God’s plan and I believe that. I never forget them. Oneday we’ll meet again.

Cebu is a nice island. I was very lucky when I had a chance to visit some places in here such as: Mountain view resort, Hidden Valley mountain resort, Camotes Island, Oslob, Kawasan falls, Cebu Normal University, Pinamungajan. In addition, I went to SM mall, Ayala mall, SM seaside city, Robisons mall, Cabon market, Colon night market.

Another special place was teacher’s house. I experienced to live in a wonderful family. They had a warm welcome to me. They are always happy, lovely and very kind. I wish I could have a family like them.

The other place I went, it was Mabolo Church. I and my friends were volunteers to help homeless people. I think It’s nice behaviour and I felt my life more meaningful.

All is my wonderful moment with me. Thanks to all of you for sharing and teaching a lot of things about life. Wishing you all a happy life. Miss you all.

Written by Lan Anh 10.10.2016

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